Wednesday, April 01, 2020
Time and Place of Meetings

The County Commission meets every Monday from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. in the County Commission Room located on the second floor of the Courthouse, 215 Kansas, Alma, Kansas.  All meetings are open to the public.  Appointments may be made with the County Commission beginning at 9:15.  

To Schedule an Appointment with County Commissioners, 

Please Contact Wabaunsee County Clerk 785-765-2421

District One

Joel S. Fager

105 E 10th St
Alma, KS  66401

Alta Vista City, Alma City, Alma Township, Farmer Township, Garfield Township, Washington Township 

Term of Office will be January 2023

District Two

Rodney L. Allen

15482 K4 Hwy
Maple Hill, KS  66507

Mill Creek Township, Lake Wabaunsee, Mission Creek Township, Plumb Township, Harveyville City, Rock Creek Township, Wilmington Township and Eskridge City.

Term of Office will be January 2021

District Three

James H. Suber

11647 Bouchey Rd
Maple Hill, KS  66507

Maple Hill Township, Maple Hill City, Paxico City, Paxico Precinct, Kaw Township, and Wabaunsee Township.

Term of Office will be January 2021

Duties of the Commission

The Statutory powers of the Commission can be found in K.S.A. 19-212.  The powers include but are not limited to the following:

  • To make orders concerning property belonging to the county as deemed appropriate, which includes establishing regulations by resolution for the use of the property and providing penalties for violations of these resolutions including Zoning Regulations.
  • Examine and settle all accounts (receipts and expenses) of the county and after settled to issue orders.
  • Purchase sites and builds and repair county buildings, insure the buildings.
  • Apportion and order the levying of taxes.
  • Represent the county and take care of the county property, and manage the business and concerns of the county, in all cases where no other provision is made by law.
  • To set off, organize and change the boundaries of township, appoint township officer who will serve until the next general election.
  • Establish election precincts.
  • Servers as County Board of Canvassers
  • Lay out, alter or discontinue any road running through one or more townships and to provide other duties with respect to roads.
  • Enter into contracts concerning any county business.
  • Contract for protection and promotion of the public health and welfare.
  • Perform other duties as are or may be prescribed by law.
  • Various recurring monthly duties
  • County Commissioners are the fence viewers in each township of the county; two members are authorized to act.
  • Approves annual budget.
  • Issues Bonds
  • Creates special districts
  • Sets salaries of all county employees and officials