Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Second Judicial District - Wabaunsee County District Court

Contact Information

Chief Judge
Honorable Gary L. Nafziger

Phone:  785.863.2461

District Judge
Honorable Jeff Elder

Phone:  785.457.3392

District Judge
Honorable Norbert C. Marek, Jr.

Phone: 785-364-2191

Magistrate Judge
Honorable Blaine A. Carter

Phone: 785.765.2406
Fax: 785.765.2487

Clerk of the District Court
Angela Anderson

Phone:  785.765.2406
Fax:  785.765.2487

District Court Reporters
Deanna Warner

Phone:  785.863-5179

Laura Schwab

Phone: 785-457-3392