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Policies and Procedures

Conduct of Riders-  Riders are required to wear seat belts at all times (unless they have a doctor's release for medical reasons).  Inappropriate conduct, including behaviors which present a danger to other riders will not be tolerated.  They include but are not limted to: intoxication, fighting, arguing, and threatening the driver or fellow passengers, use of foul language and sexual harassment.  At the driver's discretion, a rider who engages in persistently inappropriate and/or dangerous behavior can be required to vacate the vehicle.  Drivers, with the approval of the Dispatcher, may put a rider off the bus or call the authorities if necessary.  No tabacco or alcohol products of any kind may be consumed on the bus.

What if your plans change? We will attempt to schedule rides as needed.  The earlier you call, the more likely we can meet your needs.  In order to provide the greatest service to all passengers, we ask that you cancel rides you do not need as soon as possible, preferably by 8:00a.m. the day of teh scheduled pickup, to avoid being charged for a 'no show'.  Riders may be cancelled by notifying the transportation department at the toll free number or by leaving a message on the answering maching.  You may not board the bus and ask the driver to change your booked destination.

No Show and Cancellation Policy- The definition of a no show is: A rider who has a scheduled trip and does not appear at the designated pick-up point and time, does not cancel the trip in advance or refused to take the scheduled trip.  Ridership privileges may be denied to passengers who accumulate excess no-shows.  A no-show or late cancellation that occurs as the result of circumstances beyond the control of the rider or due to inclement weather will not count.

Grievance Procedure- The purpose of this procedure is to secure equitable solutions to problems which may arise affecting employees and/or riders.  Riders who believe that he/she has suffered a frievance may file a grievance complaint within five working days of the date of such grievance.  The grievance must be described in writing and submitted to the Transportation Department (Wabaunsee County Clerk's Office)  who will within five working days submit copies to the Board of Wabaunsee County Commmissioners.  The County Commissioners will review the evidence presented by the party brining th grievance and the Transporation Department and render a decision within thrity working days.  The decision of the Board of County Commissioners if final.

For More information and a full list of all Policies and Procedures, please contact the Wabaunsee County Clerk's Office.

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