Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Materials Accepted:
Magazines and phone books
Tin Cans
Aluminum Cans
White office paper
#1 PETE plastics (clear)
#2 HDPE plastics (milk jugs)
#2 Colored plastics

We do not accept cardboard or glass at this time.

We also accept household hazardous waste:  latex paint, oil based paints, agriculture wastes, used oil, used batteries, aerosal cans, etc.


Hours of Operation:
8:00 am to 4:30, recycling can be dropped off anytime

219 Iowa
Alma, KS 66401

Phone: 785-765-3454
Email: wbcoweed@yahoo.com



Recycling trailer travels to each town in the county once per month.
Schedule is as follows:

Second Tuesday of each month:
8:30-9:00am  McFarland Post Office
9:15-9:45am  Paxico Main Street
10:15-10:45am  Maple Hill City Park
11:00-11:30am  Alma, Noxious Weed Dept.

Second Thursday of each month:
8:30-9:00am  Alta Vista, main street
9:45-10:15am  Eskridge City Park
11:00-11:30am  Harveyville City Park

This schedule changes slightly during Summer hours.