Wednesday, April 01, 2020

 Wabaunsee County Elections

215 Kansas Ave     PO Box 278      Alma, KS 66401

Phone: 785-765-2421         Fax: 785-765-3704


Open Monday thru Friday  8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Election Officer:  Jennifer A Savage    

Deputy:  Juanita Hedges                

Deputy:  Kristy Haden                     


The post-election audit will be held Friday, November 8, 2019 at 10:00 AM in the County Clerk’s office located at 215 Kansas Ave, Alma, Kansas. The selection of races and precincts for the audit will be held Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 9:00 AM at the same location.


Important Election Dates

2020 Election's


June 1:              Filing and Withdrawal Deadline (12:00 noon) and Deadline to Question to be placed on Primary Election Ballot   

June 1: Party declaration changes deadline for Democratic & Republican (12:00 noon).  Prohibited until September 1st, 2020.  Unaffiliated may affiliated at any time (Including Election Day). HB 2210                             

July 14:             Registration Books Close – last day to Register for Primary KSA 25-2311(3)


July 15:             Advance Voting begins (in Office & by Mail) – 20 days prior to Election KSA 25-1122(f), 25-1123(a)

August 3:          Early voting in Person Closes (12:00 noon) KSA 25-1122(f)

August 3:  Filing Deadline for Independent Nomination (12:00 noon) KSA 25-305(b)

Filing Deadline for Retention of Judges (12:00 noon) KSA 20-2908

         August 4:        Primary Election KSA 25-203, 25-2502(b)                        

August 5:          Registration Books Re-Open

August 17:        8:00 am Primary Canvas KSA 25-3104

September 1:   Deadline for Questions to be placed on General Election Ballot KSA 25-3104

 Prohibition on changing party declaration ends HB 2210

October 13:       Registration Books Close – last day to Register for General KSA 25-2311(a)(5)

October 15:       Advance Voting begins (in Office & by Mail) – 20 days prior to Election KSA 25-1122(f), 25-1123(a)

November 2:      Early voting in Person Closes (12:00 noon) KSA 25-1122(f)

        November 3: General Election KSA 25-101

November 16:    8:00 am General Canvas KSA 25-3104                                                                                                                                 


Registered Voters in Wabaunsee County

by Party
(Updated July 2018)

Democrats 791

Libertarian 37

Republicans 2961

Unaffiliated 1089

County Total 4879


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The Wabaunsee County Clerk also serves as the County Election Officer

Duties and Responsibilities of the County Election Officer

  • Maintain Database of Registered Voters
  • Verify Registered Voters
  • Prepare Registration List & Reports
  • Receive Filings of Candidates for Office
  • Prepare Legal Publications pertaining to Elections
  • Assist in Selection of Board Workers
  • Prepare all ballots
  • Prepare results and provisional ballots for board of canvassers
  • Certify results to Secretary of State and Public
  • Prepare Certificates of Nomination and Election
  • Record all election results and retain permanently