Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Open Records Act

The County Clerk has been designated as the Freedom of Information Officer for Wabaunsee County by Resolution 2000-27. Information is available at the County Clerk’s office regarding access to public records.

The Kansas Open Records Act guarantees any person the right to inspect and obtain copies of all public records, unless the records are closed due to specific provisions of the law. Within three business days from the date of request a County agency must either:

§ Provide requested records
§ Inform the requester when they will be provided: or
§ State why the records cannot be provided

What Wabaunsee County records are available?
An agency is only required to provide public records that already exist. KORA does not require an agency to create a record upon request. KORA does not require an agency to interpret or analyze records, or to prepare custom reports.

Commonly requested records include:

§ Inventory Content Sheets
§ Sales Information on Properties
§ Parcel Identification Maps
§ Personal Property Renditions

County Clerk
§ County Commission Minutes
§ Registered Voters
§ Township Annual Reports
§ Budget Information

County Treasurer
§ Tax Statements
§ Tax Receipts

Register of Deeds
§ Deeds
§ Plats

§ Accident Reports
§ Theft Reports

County Clerk

215 Kansas, PO Box 278 
Alma, KS 66401 

Phone: 785-765-2421
Fax: 785-765-3704



Open Monday thru Friday 

8 am to 4:30 pm

Offices are open through the noon hour


Moving/Over Size Permits are required in Wabaunsee County.  

$100 Application Fee

Application and Fee requested 10 business days prior to anticipated move, to allow time for Public Works Approval and processing of Application.  

Permit Application - updated 1/28/2019


Beverage Licenses

Cereal Malt Beverage License applications are available from the County Clerk's Office, or from this website.  A Statement of approval from the respective township and also from the County Commissioners is required prior to issuance of the license.

Total Fee of $75.00, of which $25.00 is remitted to the State of Kansas and $50.00 is credited to the County General Fund.

Application Checklist
Temporary Beverage Permit

Fish & Game Licenses

The County Clerk's Office Sells Fish & Game Licenses over the county and provides licenses to County Vendors for sale.  Licenses can be purchased over the Internet through the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Website at 

Fish and Game Regulations and Walk-In Hunting Atlas are available in the Clerk's Office.

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks’s best addresses questions regarding the regulations for hunting and fishing.

Pratt Operations Office
512 SE 25th Ave
Pratt, KS  67124-8174
Phone: 316-672-5911

Region 2 Office
3300 SW 29th
Topeka, KS 66614-2053
Phone: 785-273-6740

Emporia Reseach & Survey Office
1830 Merchant, PO Box 1525
Emporia, KS 66801-1525
Phone: 620-342-0658